Huntermark Fall Festival

August 19-20, 2017

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Sponsor an individual class: $10
classes include - Ring 1 Warm-Up, Ring 2 Warm-Up, Handy Hunter, MIHJA Cross Rail Medal, MIHJA Beginner Medal, MIHJA Mini Medal, MIHJA Medal, Pleasure Horse/Pony U/S, and Command Class

Sponsor a division: $40
divisions include - Short/Long Stirrup Equitation, Junior Equitation, Adult Equitation, Equitation A, Equitation B,  Equitation C, Equitation D, Equitation E, Short/Long Stirrup Hunter,  Opportunity Hunter, Trotting Pole Hunter, Cross Rail Hunter, Beginner Horse Hunter, Beginner Rider Hunter, Evergreen Hunter, Baby Green Hunter, Novice Rider Hunter, 4-H/Pony Club Hunter, Pony/Cob Hunter, Real Low Hunter, Schooling Hunter, Pre-Green Hunter, Low Hunter, Children's/Adult Amateur Hunter, MIHJA Hunter, Green Hunter, Junior Hunter, Open Hunter, Puddle Jumper, Hopeful Jumper, Schooling Jumper, Level 1 Jumper, Level 2 Jumper, Level 3 Jumper, Level 4 Jumper, and Level 5 Jumper

Sponsor a select class:
MIHJA Trotting Pole Hunter Classic - $75
MIHJA Open Hunter Classic - $100

MIHJA Junior/Amateur Hunter Classic - $100
2015 Equitation Classic Finals - $125
Hunter Derby - $500
Mini Prix - $500

       Sponsors will have their name included in the name of the class or classes they sponsor.  Sponsors will be listed on facebook and Twitter.  The name will printed on the web site, and on the schedule, and will be announced every time the class is named.  Some examples are listed below:

162. Joe Smith Evergreen Hunter U/S

165. Hunterdon Farm Baby Green Hunter O/F

169. Company You Work For 4-H / Pony Club Hunter O/F


"And next to show in the George H. Morris Hunter Derby..."    "Winning the Your Name Here MIHJA Open Hunter Classic..."


SPONSORSHIP CONTEST: The participant raising the most money will have entry fees waived for any one of the classes or divisions for which they obtained a sponsorship.


Classes and divisions will be available on a first come, first served basis.  Participants can submit their sponsorsí information as often as they like and receive updated lists of the available classes/divisions.  Updated lists of sponsors and their divisions will also appear on the Fall Festival web site.


 To sponsor a class/division or to collect sponsorships from friends and family, click here for a sponsorship form.


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