2006 Winter Shows:

Katie Homrighausen braids her horse for the April show

Allie Armetta braids while Megan Creamer-Foster and Gabrielle Armetta lend their support


2005 Winter Shows:

Back Row: Katie Homrighausen, Frankie Byczynski, Jody Wellman, Allie Armetta;  Front Row: Gabrielle Armetta, Mary DeWilde, and Ellen Reeder Mary and Ellen Left: Frankie Byczynski;  Top: Allie Armetta;  Right:  Ellen Reeder;  Bottom: Mary DeWilde Left: Frankie Byczynski;  Top: Sandee Cochran;  Right:  Ellen Reeder;  Bottom: Mary DeWilde

2003 Winter Shows:

Leslie Sommer on Baxter, and Molly Cordero on Donovan

Look!  Donovan and Baxter are twins!  Like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Danny DeVito...

Scenes from the third horse show of the 2001 season!!!


Left: (left) Amanda Beyer & Simply Irresistible, (back) Anna Herath 8 Clever Thought, (right) Molly Cordero and Color Me Perfect, (facing away) Lesley Quillen

Right: Anna & Mona are vibrantly red today


Left: Hamlet is looking extra cuddly today

Right: Jerry Mitchell and Big Enough. A good horse show dad never leaves his horse unattended


Monica Beers and Rolling Stone


Left: Emily Mitchell and Big Enough with Jan. Emily talks to her trainer between rounds

Right: Wow! Molly has REALLY outgrown Joey! Okay, there's a ladder...


Left: Dave sees dead people

Right: Rosemary Shelly and Sneak Preview


Left: Lesley and Rhythm And Blues

Right: Laura Burgett and Dorothy

Can you find at least 12 differences between these two pictures?



Left: Andre'a Dunmire finally gets a chance to watch her pony, with rider Rosemary Shelly

Right: Look! Austin has 3 legs!


Jerry tries to escape from the public eye


(left) Molly & Joey, (right) Lesley & Taffy Apple, (back) Dave & Cadillac


Scenes from the second show of the 2001 season!

Lesley Quillen and Claim To Fame

I don't remember his neck being that many colors... 

Elizabeth Leuthauser and Color Me Perfect

Either someone is shining a spotlight at his head or Joey has a bright idea!

Laura Siroky and Rhythm And Blues

Laura and Dorothy are perfectly posed while Dave can't resist the cameo


Sheri Quillen makes a bridle change

A horse show mom's work is never done

Dave Corkery

 and Cadillac

Doesn't he looks so proud of his boy? Dave seems happy too...

Gina Opperman on My Sporting Image and Liz Bolkcom on Leo Top's Trick

This picture looks like we had a disco ball spinning for these girls to boogie down


Andre'a Dunmire

 on Sneak Preview

No, he's not pinning his ears - he's listening to Andre'a


Monica Beers on Rolling Stone

This show, both Austin and Monica have something to smile about


Rebecca Ickes on Color Me Perfect

Joey shows off the "mohawk look"


Laura Burgett on Rhythm And Blues 

Dorothy and Laura put on their biggest smiles


Lesley Quillen

 on Fiona

Lesley looks great, but Fiona wasn't ready for the picture

That's better Fi, wait - Lesley wasn't ready!

Now they both look great and my camera screws up!

Joanna Hagen on Claim To Fame

The picture's of Joanna, but Lesley and Rebecca smile just in case


Sneak Preview with Andréa Dunmire

Isn't that the cutest little picture you ever did see?!


Jump crew Bill Dunmire

Bill takes a break from setting courses to watch the show with his daughter, Andre'a


Andrew and Rachel Beers

Andrew takes time to help grandma in the Huntermark Cafe' while mom rides

(Back): Rod Parrish, (Standing): Sue Ickes, (Writing): Sheri Quillen, (Front): Jan Rock, (Sleeping): Lillian

The horse show office is a busy place. It's been so busy that Lillian needs a break


Scenes from the first show of the 2001 season!


Somewhere in this haze are Andre'a and Ponyta

Anna and Hamlet in the midst of a "camera induced hail storm"


Emily is smiling because her picture came out neat and clean


Amanda is awarded her polo wraps while Hammy bites Rachel on the butt


Joanna discovers she's more focused when she rides Mick


Monica gives the camera a smile. Austin does not.

Rebecca gives the camera a smile. Dorothy does not.


It's been a long day... Amanda takes a nap with Joey between classes


Rod and Sheri work hard to keep the show running smoothly

Lillian and Mallory help Jan keep things under control