In addition to our work with horses, we are also breeders of Jack Russell Terriers since 1991. As you may have heard, the American Kennel Club has officially changed the name to the Parson Russell Terrier. For more information, please see the AKC website - .

    We have one male AKC Parson Russell for sale right now.  He is from Champion bloodlines and has papers, but has been fixed so he will be a better pet and therefore can't be shown in Conformation classes, although he is eligible for AKC Obedience classes.  He is a cute dog with a sweet and loving personality and would make a wonderfully happy pet for any person or family.  He loves kids and playing with balls and toys.  You can let this happy little bundle of joy into your life for a VERY reasonable price since all we really want is for him to have a good home.


Sparky's mother, CH Fox Valley Foxy Lady

CH Fox Valley Foxy Lady


Foxy loves to show off!

AKC Registered Champion Fox Valley Foxy Lady being inspected by the judge


CH Fox Valley Viper Foxy's winner picture

CH Fox Valley Viper x CH Fox Valley Foxy Lady =


 This is Mickey Herman's puppy, Daisy...

Parson pups are constantly in motion.  Daisy is a blur of activity.

Daisy playing tug o' war with her buddy

Daisy has a friend

Daisy has an itch

Group Shots of Spark with his litter mates:




    If you have any questions or comments, or if you've purchased a dog from us (we want to hear from you - tell us how the little ones are doing!), please e-mail: 

AKC Registered fixed male: $100