We offer two outdoor arenas (180' x 300') and (100' x 200') and an indoor arena (60' x 240') which each have their own course of 18, 13, and 10 jumps, respectively. We have 15  10' x 12' stalls in a barn to the south of the indoor arena and a heated barn with 6  12' x 12' stalls at the north end.  There is a 24 stall open air barn by the north barn called the Packer barn (named for the horse who built it, Al Packa') for extra stabling during summer shows. The indoor arena has sliding doors that separate it from the stabling areas. There are two tack rooms in the south barn and one large one in the heated barn. The office, also heated, runs along the west wall of the indoor, with large windows for viewing. The tack shop is adjacent to the main office and also has windows to the indoor arena. There are 10 outdoor turnout paddocks and one 5 acre pasture. The footing in all three rings is a fine-grained sand and doesn't get slippery. The rings are dragged regularly and sand is added as needed. We grow all of our own hay and have a barn attached to the north barn to store it.

The following pictures were taken before the Packer barn was built

Facing east

Facing north

Facing east

Main entrance

facing the North Barn

  indoor arena (60' x 240')

Ring 2 (100' x 200')

Ring 1 (180' x 300')

Tack Room for the Riding Academy horses