Miscellaneous Pictures

Here are some random pictures from lessons, etc.

Happy smiles at the 2007 MIHJA Banquet Sara out for a trot on Cadillac Melinda Shake on Ponyta and Sara VanIseghem on Navarro Sara and Megan take their horses to the trails Navarro contemplates the creek

Ellen and Frankie are twins!  Aren't they cute?! (May 2006)

The horses are posing too!

Friday lesson stops for a pose (from left): Melinda Shake on Ivy, Mickey Herman on Joey, Allie Armetta on Dorothy, Andréa Dunmire on Ponyta, Laura Siroky on Trent, Frankie Byczynski on Will, and Ellen Reeder on Grace



(from left): Allie Armetta, Mary DeWilde, Sara VanIseghem, Mickey Herman, Katie Homrighausen, Ellen Reeder, Frankie Byczynski  (front row): Gabrielle Armetta


Joey (pony) and Mickey (person) relax during the break in Friday's lesson

Frankie looks for a good place to take a nap Gabrielle doesn't think that looks too comfortable Diablo shows off his gums! Look at Navarro - he can jump 2'10"!

Here is Frankie's tongue


Now here are some very crazy people...



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