Lessons are available to anyone age 7 or older, although some exceptions are made for particularly strong and capable 6 year olds. The Riding Academy provides school horses for students, as well as tack, brushes, and helmets. The first lesson scheduled will be a private "evaluation" lesson. If you have never ridden before it will be to give you the basics (how to tack up, steer, halt, walk, and trot) before you can be placed in a group. If you have ridden before, it will be to determine which group you would fit into best. The average student takes one or two lessons a week, although some take as many as five. 

    Listed below is the lesson schedule -

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday Sunday
3:30 Olivia 3:00 Kimberly 3:00 Available 10:00 Kate, Andrea 10:00 Amy, Leigh, Lonnie, Anna
4:15 Kate 4:30 Kate, Olivia, Isa 5:00 Available 11:15 Rachel, Melissa, Rebecca, Brianne 11:30  Olivia, Kate, Isa,  Karolina
5:00 Available 6:00 Available 6:30 Steve, Mel 12:30 Layla, Ella 1:00 Charli
6:30 Steve, Mel     1:30 Carlotta 1:45 Rachel, Melissa
      2:30 Available 3:00  Brianne,  Madyson, Mary



    To schedule a private or first lesson, just click on the Available time that works best for you.  The schedule above may vary from week depending on the horse show travel schedule, so please make sure you receive a confirmation e-mail or there might not be an instructor waiting for you.  If you prefer, you can schedule a lesson over the phone by calling (309) 799-3203 or by contacting your instructor directly on their cell phone.  If you have any questions, e-mail: lessons@HuntermarkFarm.com 

    For your first private lessons, the time you are given is the time to arrive at the barn, so we can show you how to get the horse readyFor group lessons, you should come a half an hour or so early to get your horse ready, and be ready to ride at lesson time.

    You can also use this for rescheduling your regular lesson time either for good or for a make-up lesson, or to set up an additional lesson temporarily or permanently.  If you already take lessons in the Huntermark Riding Academy and wish to change to a group on a different day, just pick one at the same level as your lesson (Walk/Trot, Courses, etc.) and come at that time. It is not required that you let anyone know you are coming ahead of time, but you might want to check in with an e-mail or by phone just to make sure it wasn't temporarily rescheduled.


Students and boarders must follow all barn rules.

Lesson rates:

Lessons over fences may exceed these times, depending on your instructor.  Private lessons over fences can run closer to an hour; groups more like an hour and a half.

*Most people 10 or older don't need more than one private lesson, but if you want to continue private lessons rather than go to a group, the first 5 are available at this reduced rate.

Summer Horse Camp - sessions mid June through mid August, includes a daily group lesson.  Both Beginner and Advanced groups are available to the public.  More information on our Summer Camp page.

    Day Camp (Beginner or Advanced) 9-5  M-F 


Lease Camp - for Huntermark boarders, shareboarders, school horse owners, and advanced intermediate (and beyond) Academy students, includes daily group lesson during camp sessions.

To learn about our talented team of horses available for use in lessons and summer camp, click here

Lesson with Trainer, Jan Rock


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