Flour x Big Smith Jasper

Flour is so tired she can even sleep standing up Jasper doesn't like photo shoots

Flour's puppies were born December 8, 2007!  There are 3 total - 2 boys and a girl.  They have been given the temporary names: Pumpernickel "Nick", Rye "Riley", and Wheat "Edie".

     In addition to our work with horses, we are also breeders of Jack Russell Terriers.  Most of our dogs are registered with the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America (JRTCA) www.terrier.com .  The JRTCA does not believe in registering an entire litter just because the parents were registered.  They register each individual dog after it has reached one year of age, and is free from defect, and meets the breed standards.  They are also firmly against inbreeding.  Together this serves to protect the breed from deterioration from generation to generation.  JRTCA puppies come with the paperwork necessary to be registered after their first birthday.  There are sanctioned Jack Russell trials where your dog can compete and collect points held several times a year in the Quad Cities (in Port Byron www.chenowethfarm.com ).

    We started breeding JRTs in 1990 with a stud dog named Eddie and a female named Sophie. Currently we have two spayed JRTCA females: (Mallory and Biscuit) and one breeding female (Flour).  We breed to stud dogs in our area with traits we prefer, such as box-like (as tall as they are long) conformation, the breed standard according to the JRTCA, and good temperament. The puppies are brought up in a fun-filled environment with plenty of kids to give them an abundance of love and attention. We start right away with preliminary housebreaking and when they start to be curious about mom's food we give them moistened Puppy Chow brand puppy food.  It is recommended that they continue eating the same type of food for several months after adoption. At 6 weeks they receive their first in a series of 4 puppy vaccines and they are ready to go to their new homes.

Lillian hanging out in the North BarnHuntermark MalloryHuntermark Biscuit at full gallop, April 2003

Huntermark Flour

Our previous breeding females: brown and white Lillian, tri-color Huntermark Mallory, tri-color Huntermark Biscuit, and black and white Huntermark Flour.  Lillian started this particular line.  Mallory is Lillian's daughter.  Biscuit is Mallory's daughter.  Flour is Biscuit's daughter.

     Lillian was born on the 4th of July in 1993. Since then she has had many adorable puppies. Most of her litters have been 6 puppies. She was bred to a tri-color stud dog from Chicago named Falling Branch Rocky* (*JRTCA reg.) in 1997; and that litter, born March 27, 1997 (also a 6 puppy litter), included Mallory.  Mallory was bred to a dog named Odie in May 2002 and on July 20, 2002 she had two puppies - Cheyenne and Biscuit.  In the fall of 2004 Biscuit was bred to Pheasant Hill Hawk* and on September 29, 2004 she had 6 puppies, including Flour.

    Flour was bred on October 5, 2007 and her puppies were born Saturday, December 8.

Mallory, Biscuit, and Flour at play

Awww!  Mallory's so cute!

break time!

Mallory is not about to let Flour keep that ball.  Run, Flour!

Mallory exerts her dominance as the Alpha Female

Flour gets the ball when no one's looking.  Now she can relax.

Flour is so tired she can even sleep standing up

Lillian likes to go along to the shows (seen here at Lamplight)


Monkey Dog now belongs to trainer Sue Leep who says, "She's the best dog I've ever had"

3 of Lillian's puppies (from left): Mallory, and with Jan are Fanny, and Monkey Dog   


Lillian when she was just a pup (with a cup)   Mallory sits for a spell Fanny relaxing in Ring 2 April 2003 Fanny kicks back in the sun Mallory - queen of the ball...for nowLillian and Mallory go 'round and 'round for control

Biscuit bounces just like the ball! Biscuit follows the ball through the air Biscuit follows the ball down low Biscuit keeps her eye on the prize (ball) and bends into this bizarre shape Mallory and Biscuit scamper and scurry to get the ball - Mallory's peeling out Mallory seeks attention Mallory and Biscuit help Jan do the timing for the jumper classes 

    If you have any questions or comments, or if you've purchased a dog from us (we want to hear from you - tell us how the little ones are doing!), please e-mail:  forsale@huntermarkfarm.com

JRTCA puppies:        $400 - females    $300 - males


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