Sara VanIseghem as a ring wraith with Navarro as the spooky horse, 2005 Chelsea Rowan as Cat Woman and Laura Siroky as Bat Girl, 2005 

Katie Homrighausen and her horse Leggs go south of the border, 2005 Party on!  Excellent!  Joanna Hagen and Gracie are Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World, 2005 Frankie Byczynski as Willy Wonka and her pony is the golden ticket, 2005 Ellen Reeder is a farmer out with her cows Rachel and Joey, 2005 The Wizard of Oz!  Allie Armetta as the Tin Man, Gabrielle as the Scare Crow, with Dorothy as Dorothy!  2005 Frankie Byczynski and her pony Will are hippies, 2004 Joey is the Energizer Bunny (for real!) and Mary DeWilde is the battery, 2004 Katie Homrighausen and her horse L'eggs are cheerleaders, 2004 Jody Wellman as a fat Hawaiian with Holly the hula girl, 2004 Ellen Reeder as Cruella DeVille with her horse (dalmation) Lucky, 2004 Amanda Duncan as a fairy with her horse Tempo the unicorn, 2004 Allie and Gabrielle Armetta clowing around with their horse at the fun show, 2004 Mercedes VanOpdorp as Cookie Monster with her pony Elmo as Elmo, 2004 Ivy is a knight's horse and Sara VanIseghem is a person riding a knight's horse, 2004

Lauren Swanson and Joanna Hagen with carousel horses Miles and Baxter, 2003 Hannah Bates and her pony Navarro do the punk goth thing, 2003 Ali and Gabrielle Armetta as devils with their horse Dorothy as an angel, 2003 Tori McCaw as an indian princess, with Holly as an indian pony, 2003 Joey as a hot fudge sundae with Mary DeWilde as the cherry on top, 2003 Laura Siroky and her horse Trent as the walking dead, 2003 Katie Homrighausen as a nun with her horse Leggs as a priest, 2003 Mick as pumpkin pie with Joanna Hagen as the fork and dollop of whipped cream, 2002 Lesley Quillen as a punk girl with her pony Luke as a skater boy, 2002 Leslie Sommer as a chemist with Dorothy as her chalkboard, 2002

Laura Siroky as a ring wraith (Fellowship of the Ring), her horse Trendsetter as a ring wraith's horse, 2002 Cathryn Bridges as Little Miss Muffet, not on her tuffet, but on her pony Baxter as the spider that sat down beside her, 2002 Rachel Rock as a reporter for HTV news interviews Cadillac, 2002

Molly Cordero as a pixy stick, her horse Donovan as a little boy, 2002

Holly Mohr as a princess, her horse Boozer as a medieval horse, 2002 Leslie Sommer as a jungle girl with Mick as a cheetah, 2001 Rachel Rock as a ghost with Jordan as a haunted horse, 2001 (across the way) Molly Cordero as Sponge Bob Squarepants, 2001 Lesley Quillen as Patrick the Starfish, (background) judge John Berkos gets a better look inside Bob's head, 2001

Ahna Norton and her horse Maggie as harem girls, 1999

Ali Glenn and her horse Dollar as hippies, 1999 Rachel Rock as a man with her horse Jordan dressed as a woman, 1999 Emily Mitchell as The Headless Horseman with her pony Kirby as The Headless Horseman's Horse, 1999 Andréa Dunmire as the stem on her horse Marvin, the pumpkin, 1999 Joanna Hagen as a jockey on Monica Beers' racehorse "Gold Rush", 1999 Leslie O'Leary as a princess on Juliet, the unicorn, 1999 Molly Cordero as a cheerleader with her pony Joey as a football player, 1999 Monica is holding her miniature Patrick, a knight's horse, 1999 Rebecca Ickes as a bag of M&Ms with Bitsy as the trick or treat bag, 1999

ARRRR!  Ahna Norton and her horse Sid as pirates, 1998


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