Barn Birthdays


Bringing treats for your instructor and classmates to your lesson the week of your birthday is allowed... No, encouraged.


(in chronological order by month)  
Kate Cushing 1/8/2007

Rachel Robinson

Karolina Bergheger 2/6/2003
Emily Creighton 3/10/2004
Madeline Schadler 3/24/2002
Charli Cushing 4/21/2010
Kensey Harris 4/24/2002
Sandee Cochran 5/1
Olivia Dolan 5/9/2007
Madyson Gaul 5/14/2005
Sara VanIseghem 5/22/1992
Olivia Ziegler 6/1/2002
Melissa Tilden 6/26/2007
Isabella Burkhart 7/8/2004
Brianne Jenkins 7/9/1988
Mary Moore 7/15/1991
Jasmine Burke 7/17/2000
Abby Bindewald 8/13/2006
Jan Rock 9/28
Robin Robinson 10/2/2010
Riley Robinson 10/6/2008
Anna Weinberger 10/15/2006
Rose Gonzalez 10/23/1987
Morgan Fecht 12/12/2007
Birthdays Unknown  
(in alphabetical order by last name)  
Lindsey Bohl  
Amy Burkhart  
Lonnie Creighton  
Leigh Cushing  
Jennifer Dolan  
Rachel Lanning  
Kami Nicke  
Jaylee Richter  
Hailey Streight  
Suzy Ziegler  

If your birthday or year aren't listed, or your name isn't here at all, please let me know, e-mail:

Happy Birthday to Rachel from Andréa Dunmire!


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