Huntermark Farm Rules


1.  Jumping is not allowed except in lessons, horse shows, and clinics.

2.  Never ride alone. The person living in the apartment only counts as someone being there if they watch you ride through the window (if you're riding inside), or from inside or alongside the arenas (if you're riding outside).  The person watching you doesn’t need to be knowledgeable about horses, they just need to be able to dial 911 and give directions.

3.  Don't take shavings from the shavings bins. If you have a question or concern about the shavings in your horse's stall, talk to Jan or Rachel.

4.  Stalls are cleaned daily but if you choose to clean your own horse's stall, please put the manure in a muck bucket and empty the muck bucket into the cart.  Do not put it in the scoop/bucket of the tractor.

5.  Don't feed the horses hay or grain (unless, of course, you're helping with the chores!). If you would like your horse's feed adjusted, talk to Jan or Rachel - not one of the employees.

6.  In the indoor arena, don't move any of the jumps in the middle of the ring. Jumps on the rail can be taken down and put along the wall. In the outdoor arenas, don't move any of the jumps.

7.  Don't use the "good" poles for walking, trotting, or cantering over. All of the poles that are used with jumps are considered "good" poles. If you are going to set out a rail and you're not sure if it is considered a "good" pole or not, be sure to check with Jan or Rachel  first.

8.  If the horse you have in the crossties makes a mess in the aisle, clean it up and put it in a muck bucket or in the cart. This goes for all students, not just those who own horses.

9.  If you own a horse, and you have a friend or relative who would like to ride your horse, you can lead them on your horse at a walk.  If they know how to ride and would like to do more than walk, they need to take a lesson.

10. Don't ride or handle another boarder's horse without permission.  Boarders can grant permission to anyone who boards or leases at Huntermark to ride their horse, and they can give permission for students to ride their horse in lessons.

11. Anyone who doesn't board in the north barn can use either of the north barn's two washracks, and the crossties for grooming, braiding, drying a horse after bathing, etc. for $10/hour. Anyone riding a horse that is boarded in the north barn can use the north barn facilities for free for that horse. People who board their horse in the north barn may use the north barn facilities for any horse.

12. Helmets are required when mounted.

13. Horses turned out in the indoor arena must wear a muzzle or be watched closely and kept from pawing or chewing on the wood, for the entire time that they are out.

14. All students must pick up after themselves. Put all your brushes and tack away and clean up your horse's messes in the aisle before you leave.

15. Students (and parents) are expected to maintain the fun and friendly Huntermark atmosphere. We're all here to have a good time and be a show team.

16. No one 15 years old or younger may be at the barn when Jan or Rachel are not there, without a parent and their direct supervision, or that of 3 other students 16-21, or that of one adult over the age of 21.

17. Don't chase another person's horse while they're turned out - over jumps or otherwise.

18. Every horse boarded at Huntermark will be marketed by Huntermark when the horse is put up for sale. They will be listed on our website, have ads in all of the major horse classifieds, will be included in the Huntermark sale videos, discussed with other trainers, and will be shown to all buyers who come to try out horses matching their description. Boarders should not place ads or contact potential buyers.  There will be a 10% sales commission.

19. Students buying a horse should contact Jan or Rachel regarding purchase information, not the seller.  The best approach is to inform either Jan or Rachel that you are interested in finding a horse and give them a price range to look for, and they will contact you to try out horses.  This rule protects students from fraudulent sellers.

20. Only horses purchased from Huntermark Farm are eligible for the $100 board for school horses program.

21. No sandals, flip-flops, or open toed shoes are allowed in the aisles, arena, paddocks, pasture, or anywhere horses are present.  If you do not have any other shoes you can borrow some or you will not be able to go near the horses, even your own.

22. Students weighing more than 200 pounds will have to supply their own horses for lessons and will not be able to lease, show, or take lessons on the school horses.

23. If your horse requires training or if you would like to schedule a lesson, speak to Rachel or Jan about it.  No outside trainers or instructors are allowed except during clinics and horse shows.

24. Be courteous to other riders when sharing the ring.  When a lesson is going on, the students will have the right of way.  When there is not a lesson, and there is someone riding who does not canter or is having trouble with their horse, please stay at one end of the ring when you canter.  Poles may be placed lengthwise on the short center line to split the arena.



If you have any questions about any of these rules, please talk to Jan Rock or Rachel Robinson or e-mail: