There is no greater measure of a horse or rider's success than competition.  To have a trained, professional judge compare the work you have done and the horse we have trained, to the riding and training of those at other barns and choose you is very rewarding.  Shows help riders set goals and give them something tangible to work towards.  That date circled on the calendar encourages and motivates them to give that extra level of commitment.  Without competition equestrian sports are no longer a sport!  Imagine a basketball team that held weekly practice but never played a game.  No one is going to bring home a blue every time they walk into the ring, but if you try your best every time and learn from your mistakes, you will succeed.  And it feels amazing.


      Huntermark Farm has a safe and stylish 7-horse aluminum trailer with a slant load for your horse's comfort.  The 7 slots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  If there is enough interest, and the distance is not too great, we sometimes make two trips with the trailer.  The price for shipping varies depending on a number of factors and is available on a show-by-show basis.  The cost of shipping one horse by itself is twice the regular shipping.  It includes your horse's travel from Huntermark to the show grounds and the return trip back to Huntermark.  When there are 5 or less horses shipping, there is ample room for riders to pack their tack trunks and supplies.  When 7 horses are shipping, the feed alone can take up most of the space and riders may have to bring their tack trunks to the show in a separate vehicle.  Sometimes there is room in the truck for riders to ride along to the show with their horses, but riders (or their parents) may need to drive.  Anyone doing their own braiding (particularly at a show where Jan hasn't brought a horse) will need to drive, since they will have to be on show grounds hours before the trainer.

Daily Fees

     (Also known as "per diem").  For the cost of one lesson a day you have your trainer with you for advice outside the ring and coaching while you ride.  The daily fee pays for the schooling before each class, and depending on the needs of horse or rider, it may include schooling sessions before and/or after the show.  If the trainer has to get on your horse and school it (not in the show) that is also covered by this fee.  If a rider isn't able to be on show grounds every day that the horses are, any work the trainer does for your horse such as stall cleaning, feeding, etc. is covered by this fee as well, however, riders are expected to take care of their own horses when they are there.

Professional Rides

     Riders with green horses may need to have the trainer ride their horse in a few classes to help with show ring jitters or any problem that can only be addressed in the show ring setting.  For this valuable service, riders need only pay the entry plus $5/class for the professional ride.


     The riders (or owners who have sent their horse to be shown by the trainer) are responsible for the cost of trainer's hotel room.  Most hotels honor the AARP membership with a 20% discount.  From the total, $5/night will be deducted for each groom.  The remainder will be divided by the number of riders/owners.  Huntermark is unique among show barns in that, if there is room, some riders and grooms may actually be able to stay in the trainer's hotel room (females only).  This is a big cost saver when there are only a few riders to split the hotel, and a convenience for parents who might not be able to stay for the whole show but want to give their child that opportunity.  If you have a strong preference about hotel amenities (such as a pool) please speak up in advance before we make the reservations.


     Sometimes, when we need additional help at a show, we will draw from our pool of capable young riders to select a volunteer or two to come with us to the show.  Good candidates are 13 and older, with a strong work ethic, and preferably decent riding and braiding skills.  Grooms will not be expected to be full service slaves doing everything while the riders stand by and watch, but will work together with the riders to make the work go faster.  Good horsemanship skills are necessary, but good social skills are important too.  Since everyone needs to live and work together in somewhat close quarters, personality will be considered when making our selections.  If someone is invited to come along as a groom and offers less than adequate assistance, they will not be asked again.  Grooms will pay for their meals and only $5/night towards the cost of the hotel.  If bunking in with the trainer, riders will have "dibs" on the beds and grooms may have to sleep on the floor.  It is a good idea for grooms to bring a sleeping bag or air mattress.


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