Valley Park Charity IHJA/INHJA Show, August 2009

Cassie Murphy (Monet) on Joey (Water Lillies), and Maggie Ben-Nun (Vincent VanGogh) on Monty (Starry Night) waiting for their turn in the Rotating Pairs jumper class Cassie Murphy and Pony.com competing in costume Savannah Chapman showed Joey in Green and Regular Large Pony Savannah Chapman showed her pony Melanie in the Green and Regular Small Pony divisions Riley Robinson and Caitlin Murphy had each other for entertainment during the show Savaanh Chapman seems more pleased with the placings than Melanie is


Valley Park Charity IHJA/INHJA Show, August 2008

Savannah Chapman and her pony Chasing Rainbows competing in the Children's Pony division


Ledges Classic IHJA Show, March 2008

Ellen Reeder, Jan Rock, and Savannah Chapman

Ledges Classic IHJA Show, February 2008

Ellen Reeder and her horse Eligible Bachelor

Savannah Chapman and her pony Chasing Rainbows

Cathryn Bridges and her pony Tickle Me Elmo

Ledges Classic IHJA Show, January 2008

Grand Champion - A/A 18-35


Ledges Classic IHJA Show, December 2007

Ellen Reeder and her horse Eligible Bachelor

Pre-Green - 3 Carrot Rock with Jan Rock IHJA Adult Medal - 3 Carrot Rock with Rachel Rock Robinson

Valley Park Charity IHJA/INHJA Show, August 2007

Ellen and Jan - the rest of the show team had to go home early

This is the primary attraction of Des Moines.  We literally ate dinner at the Cheeseake Factory every night.


Valley Park Charity IHJA/INHJA Show, August 2006

Show team minus Joanna and her ribbons won on her horse Rock Opera


Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, July 2006

Mal just chillin' on her way to the show

Summer MIHJA Benefit Show, June 2006

Everyone who showed is actually present for the group pic!  It's a tiny miracle...

zig-zagging from left, going up: Sara VanIseghem, Rachel Rock, Cathryn Bridges (on lap), Laura Burgett (in chair), Jan Rock, Ellen Reeder (in chair), Frankie Byczynski (on lap), Mickey Herman

Sara VanIseghem and Sneak Preview Ellen Reeder and her horse State of Grace Sara VanIseghem and her pony Navigator schooling day at the double point show Cathryn and Melonie show their distaste for showing in the rain Cathryn is happy when the sun comes out

Chandler has a bad hair day Ellen and Frankie strike a pose

Ellen and Frankie give Mickey a lift

Ellen, Frankie, and Mickey - honorary members of the Huntermark Cheerleading Squad

You can barely see Laura Burgett (just her arm on the left side of the picture) but there are 5 people in the back seat of the truck from the show to the hotel.

Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, June 2006

Jan looks cool in Mary's awesome shades

Rachel and Ellen are weirdos outside the hotel room,  They didn't bring the dog food.

Ellen and Rachel are weirdos in the hotel lobby.  Photo credit: Mr. Hotel Rent-A-Cop

Grace enjoys the view from her stall at Cascade

Tower Hill Memorial Weekend MIHJA Show, May 2006

Everybody but Cathryn and Darla who had to leave early...

back row (from left): Sara VanIseghem, Mary DeWilde, Ellen Reeder, Jan Rock, Mallory, Frankie Byczynski, Mickey Herman, and Melinda Shake

front row: Rachel Rock, Flour


Ledges Winter Classic IHJA Show, April 2006

Cathryn Bridges and her pony, Chasing Rainbows

Ledges Winter Classic IHJA Show, March 2006

3 Carrot Rock showing in Baby Green

Melonie competing in her first USEF "A" Rated horse show

Ledges Winter Classic IHJA Show, February 2006

Rock Solid showing in Pre Green

Ledges Winter Classic IHJA Show, January 2006

Rock Solid showing in Pre Green

Ledges Winter Classic IHJA Show, December 2005

Rock Solid showing in Baby Green


Sangamon Valley Pony Club MIHJA Show, September 2005

We won 6 step ladders at this show!

Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, August 2005

The show team minus Cathryn Bridges

Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, July 2005

Nice place to display one's winnings!  That Ellen- she's a felon!

The show team poses with their bounty.  What a bunch of winners!

MIHJA Club Show, June 2005

State Of Grace with owner Ellen Reeder puts forth more effort than necessary for a cross rail

Rock Solid puts forth more effort than necessary for an 18" fence.

Some of the girls take time out to smile for the camera


2004 MIHJA Year-End Awards Banquet

The 2004 Huntermark Show Team poses with their winnings

Above: (back row, from left) Laura Siroky, Mary DeWilde, Frankie Byczynski, Dave Corkery, Jan Rock, and Laura Burgett

(front row, from left) Sara VanIseghem and Rachel Rock


 Laura and Mary, co-Champions Dave Corkery - Mr. Champion Laura strikes a stylish pose with one of her prizes


Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, October, 2004

Holly is eating Frankie's brain!

The show team closing out the season (from left): Darla Bridges, Ellen Reeder, Frankie Byczynski, Holly, Rachel Rock, and Jan Rock


An alphabetical trio - Ellen, Frankie, Grace

Ready to show!  Ellen Reeder on her horse State Of Grace, and Frankie Byczynski


Holly won all of her under saddle classes; in fact, she won all of her classes at this show

Holly and Rachel awaiting the judge's command


We're all done showing for the day!

After the Command Class (from left): Ellen Reeder on State Of Grace, Frankie Byczynski, On Holiday, and Rachel Rock


Cascade Ranch MIHJA Show, July, 2004

Art, the magnificent!

Art doing one of the things he did best - winning under saddle classes Art tucks his little nose to his knees! It was a warm and toasty 4th of July show


MIHJA Club Show, June 2004

beautiful English Ivy, owned by Laura Burgett, at the Interstate Center in Bloomington, IL


IHJA Medal Finals, September 2003

Seen here in Low Hunter.  Al Packa' went to the national indoor finals in Massachusetts one week after this show

Al Packa' and Jan Rock in Ring 2 at Lamplight

Showing here in the Pre Green Hunter division, the division in which he qualified for indoors

Al Packa' and Jan Rock in Ring 3 at Lamplight

DuPage Prize Money Show, July 2003

With 30 horses or more in every class, there's plenty of time to relax at this show!

Hanging out between rounds (from left): Joanna Hagen, Jack Of All Trades ("Mick"), Sunshine Superman ("Donovan"), Molly Cordero, and Kourtni Sanchez

Showplace Summertime at Ledges, July 2003

This is Thursday, July 3rd.  The next day of the show she was braided in red, white, and blue!

On Holiday at the 4th of July Ledges show

MIHJA Club Show, June 2003

This pair are rarely photographed over fences - we were lucky this photographer was at the right place this time!

Dave Corkery showing his horse, Ol' Mr. Johnny Rebeck, to victory!


Holly is jumping so great here, she is practically jumping out of her skin!  What an athletic pony!

On Holiday with Rachel Rock - also victorious!


Al and Ann qualified for the Washington International Horse Show in 2003

Ann Garton showing Al Packa' - pregnant and victorious!


IHJA Medal Finals, September 2002

Lesley Quillen and her pony Beyond The Rainbeau showing in Ring 3 at Lamplight

Lillian back by the tents at Lamplight

Lillian loves horse shows, too!

Midstates Summer/Summerfest, June 2002

(from left): Allison Weir, Annie Rybak, and Lesley Quillen Annie Rybak riding Thundering Dakota

Walkabout's debut in the jumper ring with Kylin Coulter-Meyer Jordan's first time doing jumpers and he won in a field of 52!

Lesley Quillen showing her pony, Beyond The Rainbeau, in 11 & Under Equitation Beyond The Rainbeau was Reserve Champion Medium Pony Hunter (from left): Allison Weir, Annie Rybak, Lesley Quillen, Jan Rock, and Rachel Rock

St. Louis, July 2002

Walkabout showing with Kylin Coulter-Meyer Jordan had been a jumper for one month when this was taken Walkabout placed second in this big class

MIHJA Club Show, July 2002

The team brought seven horses: Al Packa', Superstitious, Ol' Mr. Johnny Rebeck, On Holiday, Tucked Away, Claim To Fame, and Bay Breeze

The winners take time out to pose for a picture (from left): Hannah Bowen, Allison Weir, Jan Rock, Rachel Rock, and Joanna Hagen


Everybody had a great show and a ton of fun!!!

Everybody had to stand clear to reveal our 3 full rows of success!  All those ribbons in just two days!

Allison Weir hanging out by the ring Hannah Bowen expresses herself to the camera The long day is catching up with Rachel The long day has already caught up with Robert Al Packa' waits by the ring for an oppportunity to show his stuff

Berrien Springs, August 2002

Dave enjoys the cooler weather up in Berrien Springs, Michigan

An excellent horseman, Dave cleans his tack


FACT: Jan is an avid crossword puzzler!

Having already cleaned her tack, Jan catches up on the daily news

Ledges Fall Classic, August 2002

Follow Rachel and Hamlet through their horse show routine..

Classic Rock in the hunter schooling ring at Ledges


Time to show your stuff, Hamlet!

entering the ring


Fluid... smooth... Hammy!



Good job, Hamster!

leaving the ring


Jan and Rachel Rock with Lillian at the in-gate

and watching the rest of the show


Ledges Winter Classic, March 2001

Jan and Lillian with Lesley Quillen and Taffy Apple


Early in the week, Robert takes care of the horses



Later in the week, Emily (and Lesley) add to the ribbon collection

Valley Park, April 2001

The team takes a moment to say "cheese"

(from left:) Dark Shadows, Jan, Molly Cordero on Taffy Apple, Amanda Beyer, Lesley Quillen, and Anna Herath on Ol' Mr. Johnny Rebeck


Jan showing "Woody" under saddle


Anna showing "Cadillac" under saddle


South Park watches a class


Black Hawk College, May 2001

Getting ready to go!    (from left): Lesley Quillen, Dave Corkery, Sophie Subbiah, Amanda Beyer, Leslie Sommer, and Jan.   (front row): Lillian



A display of elegance   (from left): Jan and "Woody", Sophie Subbiah and Clever Thought, and Lesley and "Fiona"


Enjoying the show   (from left): Rachel, Leslie, Amanda, and Dave



Picture perfect candid shot   Jan and "Woody"


Lesley shows off her shiny new medal


Midstates Summer/Summerfest, June 2001

Hamlet with his owner Anna Herath showing in Adult Amateur Hunter Anna and Hamlet after winning the Hunter Classic Amanda Beyer and Hamlet winning a Children's Hunter class in the Main Hunter Ring

A proud moment for Dave and Cadillac at their first Rated show



Hanging out between rounds (from left): Lesley, Laura Burgett, Jan, and Rachel with Fiona


Anna on Simply Irresistible and Rachel on Walkabout with Jan


Cadillac begins his Rated show career


Jan Rock showing Taffy Apple in Baby Green


Lesley on Fiona with Jan and Fanny

Dupage Prize Money Show, July 2001

(from right): Rachel, Dave on Cadillac, Anna on Hamlet, and Ali Glenn on Dollar


Dollar (Upward Bound) gives Ali an amazing jump!


Cadillac brings his knees up quite a bit more than a 17 hand horse needs to over a 2'6" vertical


Jose' uses more effort than any horse needs over a 2'9" vertical


Brady's efforts pay off for Leslie (with the Fair Queen)



Valley Park Charity, August 2001

Leslie Sommer riding Summer's Black Magic

IHJA Medal Finals, September 2001

Rachel and Jordan's classes start tomorrow, they're schooling one last time

Rachel schooling Walkabout in Ring 5


Ring 5 is the only ring at Lamplight where you can school over fences

Dave and Rachel have a lesson in Ring 5 on Thursday night


Rachel and Jordan in Ring 3 at Lamplight

Walkabout and Rachel showing in the Marshall & Sterling Adult Hunter Classic at the IHJA Medal Finals


Lesley Quillen showing her pony Taffy Apple in Novice Children's Lesley and Fiona in Ring 5 at Lamplight


Midstates Summer/Summerfest, June 2000

Walkabout and Rachel Rock showing 3'3" in Modified Hunter Rachel and Walkabout showing in Amateur Adult Walkabout in the Main Hunter Ring  



Midstates Summer/Summerfest, June 1999

Walkabout and Rachel Rock showing in Pre Green South Park and Jan Rock showing in Baby Green Kelly Parrish shows her horse High Society in a warm-up before Large Juniors Anna Herath and Hamlet in the Main Hunter Ring


Midstates Summer/Summerfest, June 1998

Kris Killam showing Large Junior on the horse he and Rachel shared, Show Me The Money


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