Well, I like to put a lot of pictures on this website, but as time goes by pictures get old and those of you who visit regularly get tired of looking at the same old pictures. On the other hand, to someone who's never been here before, those pictures are all new. Since I don't want anyone to miss out (and since I just can't dump all these cute little pictures) these pictures will live on and on forever - or until my server tells me I've gone above and beyond a reasonable amount of  memory for a single website. So here are pictures from the past -


Dave's a winner!

Dave at the IHJA Awards Banquet in 2002 winning 5th place overall in Novice Adult



Andréa gave Rachel a cake for her birthday!

Rebecca gives Juliet a considering look


Ponyta is special and had a private paddock


Joanna demonstrates "ducking right"


Beth and Juliet spending some quality time


Here are some of the gang last summer, just out chillin' with Cadillac 

(from left): Amanda Beyer, Cadillac, Rosemary Shelly, Cara Burns, and Leslie Sommer


Molly Cordero playing with her Jack Russell Terrier, Mallory's daughter Millie


Anna  Herath with her horse, "Hamlet"