Owner: Rachel Rock Robinson

Show Name(s):  Gold Trust then Easy Listening

Nick Name:  Trustadero

Breed:  registered Quarter Horse

Sex:  gelding

Color:  chestnut

Height:  15.3 hands

Years of Service:  2014-present

Birthday:  1-1-2005

Biggest Fans:  Rachel Rock Robinson, Samantha Riley, Rose Szczurek, Annika Schulz, Emily Creighton, Lonnie Creighton, Emily Axel, Kate Cushing, Brianne Jenkins, Karolina Bergheger

Other Facts:  Trusty is as calm and reliable as his name implies.  His background is in western tack, trail riding mostly, but Trusty is picking up his new job quickly.  He's a natural!  He doesn't look at jumps, he has a big stride, is a good mover, and has flying lead changes in both directions!  He needs a rider who can be soft with their aids as he is very sensitive, but he responds well to voice commands.


  Trusty, his first night as an English horse, 12-9-13


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