Owner: Huntermark Farm, then Andréa Dunmire, then Julie Arnold, then Andréa Dunmire, then Mindy Wehrheim

Show Name(s):  Sneak Preview, Positive Polarity, Poetry In Motion

Nick Name:  Pony Titi Tata, Ta, Po, The Ta Man

Breed:  grade Quarter Horse type

Sex:  gelding

Color:  gray

Height:  15.1 hands

Birthday:  1-1-1998

Years of Service:  2000, 2002-2003, 2005-2008, 2014-Jan 2016

Biggest Fans:  Andréa Dunmire, Mickey Herman, Sara VanIseghem, Julie Arnold, Olivia Overton, Savana Stalkfleet, Kate Cushing

Other Facts:  Ponyta was supposed to be a pony, but he just turned out to be younger than we thought!  His name comes from the Pokémon collection.  He is quiet and sweet as well as being a good mover and jumper.  He can be a bit lazy and requires a bit of leg to keep motivated.  His gaits are very smooth and, if you know how to ask, he does flying lead changes.


For even more pictures of Ponyta, click here:  www.HuntermarkFarm.com/Ponytapics.htm 


He isn't dropping his knees, he's landing.  But check out Sara's eq!




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