Owner: Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Penelope

Nick Name:  Penny Loper

Breed:  Pinto Pony

Sex:  mare

Color:  chestnut pinto

Height:  13.3 hands

Years of Service:  1980-1996 (?)

Biggest Fans:  Rachel Rock, Brandi Lodico, Claire Christal, Elizabeth Lee, Vickey Hollingsworth, Randyl Mohr

Other Facts:  Penny was Rachel's second pony, when Rachel was 6.  She was the first pony Rachel was allowed to name and Rachel named her Penny because she was the coppery color of a penny.


  Letters from Penny's friends -

"What an adorable pony!  She is the very FIRST horse I ever rode all by myself.  I was 9 years old and I'll never forget walking around in small circles Penny on her my very first lesson.  She was so kind and patient.  I felt completely safe.   I learned to saddle and bridle a horse with as my guide.  As my lessons clicked by week after week, I learned how to post the trot, halt, back up, etc. on Penny.  What a good girl.  I quickly moved up from Penny to Bill and then Huck."

-Vickey Hollingsworth


Pictures coming soon

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