Owner: Huntermark Farm, then Lauren Swanson, then Megan Creamer-Foster

Show Name(s):  Easy Mileage, Sir Miles, Miles Above, Elegant Egotist

Nick Names:  Smiles

Breed:  Registered Paint/TB

Sex:  gelding

Color:  chestnut with bald face and belly splotches

Height:  16.2 hands

Years of Service:  2007-2008

Biggest Fans:  Lauren Swanson, Megan Creamer-Foster, Barb Wiedenmann, Kathy Crozier, Gretchen & Laurel Sink

Other Facts:  Miles came to Huntermark as an unbroke 2 year old.  More unbroke than most, he had actually never been handled and was lassoed from a herd and corralled onto our trailer.  He came along quicker than most, though, showing his easy-going and mild-mannered personality from the beginning.  Now he's a quiet horse who goes happily and dependably.  If you like big horses, this gentle giant may be for you.





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