Owner(s): Huntermark Farm, then Andréa Dunmire, then Sophie Subbiah

Show Name(s):  Sun Kissed

Nick Names:  Marv, Mauv, Mauvelous Marvin

Breed:  Paint

Sex:  gelding

Color:  chestnut with wide blaze and socks

Height:  14.3 hands

Years of Service:  1990- 2000 (?)

Biggest Fans:  Andréa Dunmire, Sophie Subbiah, Rebecca Ickes, many others!

Other Facts:  Marvin was only 3 when we got him.  His original name was Lightning or Thunder or something like that.  They thought he was crazy.  I think they must be crazy because he was a trusty and reliable school horse.  He went on trail rides and even showed at Lamplight.


 Leslie and Marvin are all set for the September Finals


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