Owner: Red Pegasus Ranch (Darla Bridges), then Rose Szczurek

Show Name(s):  I'm Finally Painted

Nick Names: 

Breed:  registered Paint

Sex:  gelding

Color:  bay tobiano


Years of Service:  2013-2016

Birthday:  1-1-2004

Biggest Fans:  Bethany Zmuda, Samantha Riley, Allison Schaley, Rose Szczurek

Other Facts:

    Lakota is a sweet horse who knows his job and is very fun to ride!  He is quiet enough to do walk/trot lessons, but game enough to jump 2'9" courses.  He isn't dead-sided or fast, he will go any speed you ask.  He can do flying lead changes, but he really has to be set up to do them without skipping in back.  For beginner riders his simple change is smooth and easy.



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