Owner: Molly Cordero, then Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Hot Fudge Sundae, Dilly Bar, Cookies And Cream, Color Me Perfect, Pony.com, My Little Pony

Nick Names:  Joe Boy the Go Boy, Joe Boy the Dough Boy (when he's plump), The Energizer Bunny

Breed:  Pinto

Sex:  gelding

Color:  dark bay paint

Height:  14.1 hands

Years of Service:  1998-2010

Biggest Fans:  Molly Cordero, Joanna Hagen, Hannah Bates, Rebecca Ickes, Kim Becker, Mary DeWilde, Mickey Herman, Ashlyn Ryan

Other Facts:

    Joey has been with us since 1998 and hasn't lost a bit of his spark.  He is perky, easy to get going (but not fast) and easy to stop.  He doesn't like to stand still for long (unless he needs a potty break!) but prefers walking.  He has a wonderfully smooth canter and is very easy to jump.  He can be a little spooky sometimes, but even then he just shies away from things - he doesn't bolt and buck or anything crazy like that!  If you're looking for a horse that will keep going and be easy on the legs, then Joey is the choice for you!


Hannah Bates riding Joey in a lesson, summer 2007  Ashlyn Ryan (age 7) taking a lesson on Joey Ashlyn won a 1st place her first time showing Joey Ashlyn shows off all of her ribbons from showing Joey in April 2009

Joey is outstanding in his field  Molly isn't that gigantic - there's a ladder there!  March 2001 show Rebecca Ickes enjoying Joey at the February 2001 show Elizabeth Leuthauser also enjoying Joey at the February 2001 show   Joanna Hagen looking sleepy on Joey at the January 2001 show Molly Cordero was 4th in the 2000 October Equitation Classic Finals on Joey Joey as a hot fudge sundae with Mary DeWilde as the cherry on top, 2003 Joey is the Energizer Bunny (for real!) and Mary DeWilde is the battery, 2004 Molly Cordero as a cheerleader with her pony Joey as a football player, 1999 Here is Joey with Molly Cordero (then just 9 years old!)


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