Owner: Huntermark Farm, then Laura Burgett, then Linda Moross

Show Name(s):  English Ivy

Nick Names:  Ivers

Breed:  Buckskin/Paint 

Sex:  mare

Color:  bay

Height:  15.1 hands

Years of Service:  2004-2013

Biggest Fans:  Laura Burgett, Ellen Reeder, Elizabeth Weiss, Giavanna Eckhardt, Isabel Zimmerman, Ashlyn Ryan, Linda Moross, Katya Smirnova, anyone who was ever lucky enough to ride her

Other Facts:

    She is a wonderful mare and has a quiet and easy going personality.  She is a nice mover and a good jumper, and getting more and more made over fences.  With her owner she has jumped 3'3" in a gymnastic.  She is a consistent winner in our shows at Huntermark and other shows out on the MIHJA circuit.  One judge at the MIHJA Double Point show actually asked for her in an under saddle class.  Judges love her fluid gaits and long, relaxed stride.  Riders enjoy being able to use their leg but not wear themselves out!

Ivy retired summer 2013 for a life of relaxation and enjoyment with new owner Linda Moross.  Congratulations, Ivy!

Ivy with new owner Linda Moross

Ivy showing her with owner Laura Burgett at a MIHJA show here at Huntermark

Isabel Zimmerman showing Ivy, Oct 2009 Ashlyn Ryan and her dad, John What a cute face! What a pretty girl! Gabrielle Armetta taking a lesson on Ivy  Gretchen Grace riding Ivy, spring 2011 Ivy enjoying a bit to eat in the pasture  Even though she's a bit scruffy here, you can still see how cute she is! Ivy is a knight's horse and Sara VanIseghem is a person riding a knight's horse, 2004


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