Owner: Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Huck Finn

Nick Name:  (?)

Breed:  Quarter Horse cross

Sex:  gelding

Color:  palomino

Height:  15 hands

Years of Service:  1980-1985 (?)

Biggest Fans:  Bryant Wines,  Shelly McHenry, Vickey Hollingsworth

Other Facts:  Huck was one of the original school horses.  He was a "leg" horse (you used a lot of leg when you rode him).


  Letters from Huck's friends -

"Huck was a challenge.  There weren't enough spurs or crops in Illinois to keep that guy going!  But when I was 10 years old, I rode in my very first HORSE SHOW on Huck!!! I remember getting up very early in the morning with my mom and heading down to Huntermark.  He was outside and he had rolled in the mud!  Agh!  We worked hard for an hour to clean him up.  I was in a Walk/Trot class with about 15 other kids.  I took FIRST PLACE.  I still have the blue ribbon.  It fueled my fire of horse show interest.  That blue first place ribbon earned a special place in my heart, and so did Huck.  The first horse to carry me to a blue ribbon.  In all the lessons I had on Huck...we never did manage to canter.  I wasn't strong enough or mean enough and he knew it.  When we moved to Wisconsin, I remember thinking, "I can't leave.  I never got to canter on Huck."  I did move away, even though I never got that canter..."

-Vickey Hollingsworth


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