Owner: Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Harley Quinn

Nick Names: 

Breed:  registered Thoroughbred

Sex:  mare

Color:  dark bay

Height:  16.1 hands

Years of Service:  2016-present

Birthday:  1-1-2010

Biggest Fans:  Rachel Rock Robinson, Isabella Burkhart, Lonnie Creighton

Other Facts:    Harley is a sweet mare who, after her career on the racetrack, was left in a pasture to "live off the land".  Needless to say, the land did not provide everything a big Thoroughbred horse needs to thrive and she was rescued by Darla Bridges from Red Pegasus Ranch.  Darla treated her abscesses, and had a nail removed from her back hoof, and started putting weight on her.  Harley was so grateful that she has done everything she can to show her appreciation.  She is a quick learner who aims to please, but she does need a rider with enough experience to give correct cues and stay tight in the saddle.  Once she knows her job, she'll be hard to beat!


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