HFEC news!


T-shirt $14

Long-Sleeved T-Shirt $17

Polo/Golf Shirt $21

Long-Sleeved Polo/Golf Shirt $29

Sweatshirt $25

Hooded Sweatshirt $32

Hooded Zip Sweatshirt $35

Polar Fleece 1/4 Zip Pullover $40

Windshirt (nylon pullover jacket/shirt) $43

Hooded Jacket With Sweatshirt Lining $55

Letterman Varsity Jacket $250

Low-Profile Ball Cap $15

Duffel Bag $55

Huntermark Jumper Pad $50



To those items, you can get extras added.  You can have you or your horse's name on the front of the shirt/jacket for $3.50.  You can add your name, your horse's name, the phrase hunters and jumpers or whatever you want on the back of the ball cap for free.  Almost anything is possible - just ask!


    You think Huntermark is cool?  Join the Club! - just $5!


    Huntermark Farm Equestrian Club (HFEC) is an offshoot of our fun friendly atmosphere. Students work together to improve the barn and everyone's experience there. The Club gets together for fund raisers and other universally beneficial projects, and to share a real sense of team.


    HFEC fund raising methods include: membership dues, fun shows, raffles, calendar sales, etc.

So far, the money that HFEC has raised has purchased a professionally designed logo for sweatshirts, hats, and jackets, etc., a trophy case for the Winter Series Trophy Winners, and trophies that the winners of the traveling trophies can keep.

    Possible ideas for future worthy causes: tack trunk storage area in the south barn and a candy machine for the club room.   Members are encouraged to share their opinions and ideas about anything else they want to spend the club money on. 

    Membership cost: $5/year

    Membership benefits: unlimited webspace or link to your existing web page, participation in HFEC classes in horse shows, increased sense of pride in our team, power to help decide how club money is spent, participation in the designing, building, and painting of the Club Jump, discount for HFEC Summer Fun Show entries, etc.


Members, please design a page and send it to me via e-mail, or write up a page on paper and I'll type it in for you.  E-mail any pictures that you would like included.  Or, I can link to your existing page.