Owner: Rachel Rock Robinson

Show Name(s):  Rock Solid

Nick Names:  Garnie, Garneska, Garnier Fructis

Breed:  Quarter Horse 

Sex:  mare

Color:  dark chestnut, almost liver

Height:  16.2 hands

Years of Service:  Oct 2006 - Dec 2006,  March 2007 - October 2010

Biggest Fans:  Rachel Rock Robinson, Katie Homrighausen, Sara VanIseghem, and her best friend Summer Lawrence

Other Facts:

    Garnet is very responsive to the aids so for a rider with enough experience to stay still she is a good choice.  She is very sweet and easy to handle on the ground.  She isn't spooky and longes easily.  She has a tendency towards being quick of the rider's leg bounces around or if the rider isn't using half-halts to slow down.  Please make sure you know what you're doing before you to attempt to canter or jump her, and get permission from your instructor before bringing her in to ride.  She can be ridden at the walk and trot by quiet riders who have had at least one lesson and can stay balanced while posting, and at the canter and over fences by some advanced beginner / early novice riders and beyond.

Rock Solid showing in Baby Green on the "A" circuit

Rock Solid showing in Pre Green

Rock Solid showing in Pre Green


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