Huntermark's Farrier - Mike Born


Details about Mike, the world's most talented farrier, coming soon.

Mike's next visit:  check the board in the North barn




If your horse has an appointment, you need to have a check there before or at that time to avoid your horse being skipped, or being done anyway resulting in a $15 no-check fee.

You need to be there or have someone there to bring your horse in and hold him/her.  If an employee of Huntermark has to hold your horse, you will be charged a $6 handling fee.

Handling Fee $6
No Check Fee $15
Replace pulled shoe (already there) $10
Replace pulled shoe (made a special trip) $15
Trim all 4, no shoes $27*
Trim all 4, reset 2 old shoes $60*
Trim all 4, front new steel shoes $66*
Trim all 4, reset 4 old shoes $70*
Trim all 4, front new aluminum shoes $76*
Trim all 4, steel shoes on all 4 $82*
Trim all 4, aluminum in front, steel behind $92*


* Some of Mike's prices have been increased.  Boarders are free to make arrangements with a different farrier if they choose


Mike Born: (309) 945-3884