Owners: Mercedes VanOpdorp, then Savannah Chapman, then Cathryn Bridges

Show Name(s):  Tickle Me Elmo

Nick Names:  St. Elmo's Fire, Elmo-meister

Breed:  pony

Sex:  gelding

Color:  chestnut

Height:  14 hands

Years of Service:  2004, 2005-2007

Biggest Fans:  Mercedes VanOpdorp, Sara VanIseghem, Frankie Byczynski, Laura Siroky, Savannah Chapman, Amanda Clark

Other Facts:  Elmo's smooth gaits are great and his relaxed attitude is better!


Mercedes VanOpdorp as Cookie Monster with her pony Elmo as Elmo, 2004 Elmo moseys towards the camera

Frankie Byczynski giving Elmo a big hug!


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