Owner: Huntermark Farm, then Emalee Bealer, then Allie & Gabrielle Armetta

Show Name(s):  Rhythm And Blues, My Fair Lady, Silver Charm

Nick Names:  Dot, Dort

Breed:  Arabian

Sex:  mare

Color:  gray

Height:  15 hands

Years of Service:  1997-2008

Biggest Fans:  Monica Beers, Joanna Hagen, Leslie Sommer, Laura Siroky, Laura Burgett, Emalee Bealer, Allie & Gabrielle Armetta, Katie Homrighausen, many others!

Other Facts:

       She is a sweet girl who has been with us since December 1994, when she was just 2 years old.  She is an Arabian, but makes an excellent school horse.  She is a good mover and a safe and reliable jumper.  With Dorothy the thing is - leg.  And if that doesn't work - leg.  And if that doesn't work - crop.  Sooner or later she'll trot.  She is known for her slow smooth gaits.  She is very honest to the jumps, and for the right rider she even has a lead change.  For riders looking for a good leg-strengthening workout, Dorothy was the answer!


Allie Armetta taking a lesson on her horse, Dorothy

Dorothy showing in the April Finals with Leslie Sommer, 2001

Dorothy makes the most of her pasture time by eating This was a smooth hillside 25 years ago, but the horses made trails across the hill (parallel to the fence that used to run along the top of the hill) that eventually formed these "steps" Leslie Sommer won 4th Place in the 2002 Summer Eq. Classic Finals on Dorothy

Joanna Hagen wins 2nd place on Dorothy in the 2001 October Equitation Classic Finals Laura Burgett won the 2001 April Equitation Classic Finals on Dorothy Laura Burgett with Dorothy in one hand, and a chocolate-covered Rice Krispie treat in the other Lesley Quillen doesn't mind hanging on to Dorothy for a while Laura Burgett on Dorothy at the February 2001 Winter Schooling Series Show Laura Burgett and Dorothy, February 2001 Laura Siroky on Dorothy at the February 2001 show   Rebecca Ickes on Dorothy at the January 2001 Winter Schooling Series

Look at how dark Dorothy was in 1995! Dorothy the Beginner Horse in her first Winter Series A tiny Joanna on a dark Dorothy - what a long time ago that was! Monica Beers and Cara Burns double their pleasure, double their fun!  It might not be twice as much fun for Dorothy, though... Leslie Sommer as a chemist with Dorothy as her chalkboard, 2002 Ali and Gabrielle Armetta as devils with their horse Dorothy as an angel, 2003

Allie and Gabrielle Armetta clowing around with their horse at the fun show, 2004

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