Owner: Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Cuddle Bug

Nick Name:  Cuds

Breed:  Quarter Horse type grade

Sex:  mare

Color:  liver chestnut

Height:  15 hands

Years of Service:  2014-present

Birthday:  1-1-2004

Biggest Fans:  Rachel Rock Robinson, Olivia Overton, Kate Cushing, Isabella Burkhart

Other Facts:  Cuddles has experience as a lesson horse for students age 4-adult.  She takes some leg and is nice and quiet.  The steering is a little slow, like bringing a bus around, but she does turn.  She will jump anything in front of her.  She has a nice smooth flying lead change and has jumped 3'6".  She is even a good mover and jumper, so she's a nice choice for shows.  She is the all-around horse who has it all!  If you're looking for a fun ride, and are willing to put in a bit of physical effort, give Cuddles a try!


Cuddles winning a puissance class


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