Owner: Huntermark Farm

Show Name(s):  Mr. Bill, Noble Roman

Nick Names:  (?)

Breed:  Saddlebred

Sex:  gelding

Color:  liver chestnut

Height:  15.2 hands

Years of Service:  1981-1991

Biggest Fans:  Vickey Hollingsworth and others

Other Facts:  Bill was the only Saddlebred school horse we've ever had.  He was a quiet horse, but didn't like to be tied or crosstied.


  Letters from Bill's friends -


"Bill is the first horse I ever trotted crossrails and groundpoles on.  He was so steady and calm.  He is also the first horse I ever cantered on.  I remember asking him to trot and he broke to a canter.   I laughed so hard and had the time of my life for a whole circle around the indoor ring.  The riding instructor, Kerri, was saying, "Make him trot!"  I kept saying, "I can't" but secretly, I WASN'T TRYING!  Haha!  It was my first canter and it felt like I was flying.  Every time I think of that long lanky saddlebred I have to smile.  I'll never forget him."

-Vickey Hollingsworth

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