"Ay Jay"

Owner: Alisa Collins

Show Name(s):  London Fog (?)

Nick Names:  (?)

Breed:  Thoroughbred / Quarter Horse cross (?)

Sex:  gelding

Color:  grey

Height:  15.1 hands

Years of Service:  1994-1996 (?)

Biggest Fans:  Alisa Collins, Kelly Gluba

Other Facts:  AyJay started as Jan's horse and his name at the time was Isaac.  The name AyJay came from the initials A.J. for "Air Jordan".


  Letters from AyJay's friends -


"Last I saw him was in 1997 and he belonged to LouAnne Wulf.  He was learning dressage (him and I at the same time haha), and was doing quite well.  Really was an easy ride when he got rounded up!  LouAnne used to tell us that he would jump the ditch which was a practice water jump, to cross back and forth between the two pastures."

-Erika Bartz (formerly Erika Seaman)


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