Summer Equitation Classic Finals, September 2007

1st Place - Ellen Reeder riding her horse, Eligible Bachelor (pictured), and Laura Burgett's horse, English Ivy


2nd Place -  Shana Kelly riding her horse, Harley


3rd Place - Katie Homrighausen riding her horse, She's Got Showgirl Leggs, and Rachel Rock Robinson's horse, Rock Solid 


4th Place - Jessica Myers riding Alexandria Armetta's horse, My Fair Lady


5th Place - Barb Wiedenmann riding Alexandria Armetta's horse, My Fair Lady


6th Place - Alexandria Armetta riding her horse, My Fair Lady


7th Place - Cathryn Bridges riding her pony, Chasing Rainbows


8th Place - Julie Arnold riding her horse, Positive Polarity


Qualified Participants - 

Stephanie Prince riding her horse, Slew

Savannah Chapman riding her pony, Tickle Me Elmo

Maggie Ben-Nun riding Huntermark Farm's pony,

Megan Creamer-Foster riding her horse, Elegant Egotist, and Julie Arnold's horse, Positive Polarity


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