2006 Awards Banquet

Photo credits: Janet/Ellen Reeder

Lead Line Equitation - Grand Champion: Eamon Garton


Novice Equitation - GC: Frankie Byczynski, RC: Ellen Reeder, 3: Mary DeWilde, 4: Mickey Herman, 5: Katie Homrighausen, 6: Megan Creamer-Foster


Junior Equitation - GC: Mary DeWilde, RC: Laura Burgett, 4: Katie Homrighausen, 5: Mickey Herman


Huntermark Mini Medal - GC: Sara VanIseghem, RC: Allie Armetta, 3: Mary DeWilde, 4: Mickey Herman, 6: Katie Homrighausen, 7: Megan Creamer-Foster 


Huntermark Medal - Grand Champion: Frankie Byczynski, Reserve Champion: Mickey Herman


Pleasure Horse / Pleasure Pony - GC: Ellen Reeder, RC: Sara VanIseghem, 3: Katie Homrighausen, 5: Allie Armetta


Command Class - GC: Sara VanIseghem, RC: Ellen Reeder, 3: Allie Armetta


Trotting Pole Hunter - GC: Madison Studer, RC: Ben Collinson, 3: Courtney Wiedenmann, 4: Frankie Byczynski, Ellen Reeder, and Sara VanIseghem, 5th and 6th Place: Savannah Chapman 


Cross Rail Hunter - Grand Champion: Madison Studer, Reserve Champion: Gabrielle Armetta


Short Stirrup / Long Stirrup Hunter - GC: Gabrielle Armetta, RC: Madison Studer, 3: Ben Collinson, 4: Courtney Wiedenmann, 6: Savannah Chapman


Beginner Hunter - GC: Ellen Reeder, 2nd and 6th Place: Sara VanIseghem, 3: Megan Creamer-Foster, 4: Gabrielle Armetta


Evergreen Hunter - GC: Mary DeWilde, 3: Frankie Byczynski, 4: Ellen Reeder, 5: Allie Armetta, 6: Mickey Herman


Baby Green Hunter - GC: Sara VanIseghem, 3: Madison Studer (for Dave Corkery)


Novice Rider Hunter - GC: Katie Homrighausen, RC: Mickey Herman, 3: Megan Creamer-Foster, 4: Madison Studer


Huntermark Hunter Classic - GC: Madison Studer (for Dave Corkery), RC: Sara VanIseghem, 3: Mickey Herman, 4: Laura Burgett, 5: Ellen Reeder, 6: Megan Creamer-Foster, 7: Katie Homrighausen, 8: Frankie Byczynski


Gambler's Choice - GC: Katie Homrighausen (for Joanna Hagen), RC: Katie Homrighausen, 3: Mickey Herman, 3: Allie Armetta, 5: Sara VanIseghem, 6: Mary DeWilde, 8: Frankie Byczynski, 10: Megan Creamer-Foster


High Point Riders - 1: Mary DeWilde, 2: Gabrielle Armetta, 3: Sara VanIseghem, 4: Ellen Reeder, 5: Mickey Herman, 6: Katie Homrighausen, 8: Frankie Byczynski, 9: Madison Studer, 11: Megan Creamer-Foster, 12: Laura Burgett


Harriet Lew Memorial Good Sportsmanship Trophy - Allie Armetta


Green Horse Challenge Cup - Ellen Reeder


Jan's Most Improved Rider - Frankie Byczynski


Most Improved Academy Rider - Gabrielle Armetta, presented by Rachel Rock


Huntermark Young Horseman Award - Katie Homrighausen


Outstanding Academy Rider - Sara VanIseghem


Junior Barn Princess - Savannah Chapman


Dan Reeder Memorial Congeniality Award - Ben Collinson


Here's Looking At You Kid Award - Mickey Herman


High Point Horse Award - English Ivy owned and shown by Laura Burgett


New horse owners Sara VanIseghem (Navarro) and Megan Creamer-Foster (Miles)


You're So Sweet Award - Courtney Wiedenmann


The working student with the bubbly personality - Madison Studer


Special thanks to our barn manager Megan Creamer-Foster


Sweet treats for our horse show helpers!  Theresa Armetta, Celeste Homrighausen, Sandee Cochran, Liz Byczynski, Joe VanIseghem


Trophy Winners - back row (from left): Mary DeWilde, Mickey Herman, Ellen Reeder, Madison Studer, Sara VanIseghem, Allie Armetta, Megan Creamer-Foster, Katie Homrighausen

front row (from left): Frankie Byczynski, Invisible Rider #7, Savannah Chapman, Gabrielle Armetta, Ben Collinson


2006 Winter Series Riders - (left corner): Laura Burgett, Mary DeWilde, Mickey Herman

(curved row): Frankie Byczynski, Ellen Reeder, Madison Studer, Sara VanIseghem, Allie Armetta, Ben Collinson

(2nd row): Courtney Wiedenmann, Savannah Chapman, Gabrielle Armetta

(front row): Rachel Rock

(right corner): Megan Creamer-Foster, Katie Homrighausen


Smile for the camera!  Laura, Ellen, Frankie, Mickey, Mary


a couple of hip chicks - Ellen and Frankie


Ellen the Green Horse Challenge Cup winner, with Rachel


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