Summer Equitation Classic Finals, October 2005

MORE PICTURES NEEDED! (send 'em if you got 'em)


1st Place - Katie Homrighausen riding Allie & Gabrielle Armetta's Horse, My Fair Lady


2nd Place - Emily Fisher riding her horse, Mr. Tee


Congratulations, Ellen!

3rd Place - Ellen Reeder riding her horse, State Of Grace


4th Place - Andréa Dunmire riding her horse, Sneak Preview


5th Place - Mary DeWilde riding Huntermark Farm's pony, My Little Pony


6th Place - Allie Armetta riding Laura Burgett's horse, English Ivy


7th Place - Sara VanIseghem riding Huntermark Farm's pony, Navigator


8th Place - Gabrielle Armetta riding her and Allie Armeta's horse, My Fair Lady



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