Summer Equitation Classic Finals, September 2004



1st Place - Alexandra Dowson riding her horse, Bar Dee Texas Doll


2nd Place - Laura Siroky riding her horse, Trendsetter


3rd Place - Emily Fisher riding her horse, Mr. Tee


4th Place - Joanna Hagen riding Huntermark Farm's pony,, over fences and Huntermark Farm's horse, Gracie Slick, on the flat


5th Place - Kylie Scobbie  riding her horse, Wonderous Reward


6th Place - Rachael Pearce riding her horse, Arca L Diamon


7th Place - Mary DeWilde riding Huntermark Farm's pony,


8th Place - Frankie Byczynski riding her pony, Good Will Hunter


9th Place - McKenzi Clausen riding her horse, Ataboy Clyde


10th Place - Sara VanIseghem riding Huntermark Farm's pony, On Holiday


11th Place - Cathryn Bridges riding her pony, Prince Charming


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