2003 Awards Banquet

Photo credits: Tina Dunn and Joanna Hagen


Above: 12-14 Equitation (Molly Cordero, Laura Burgett, Kourtni Sanchez, Jessica Bennett, Holly Mohr)


Above: Adult Equitation (Leslie Sommer, Linda Brown, Dave Corkery)


Above: Beginner Horse (Laura Burgett, Leslie Sommer, Hannah Bates, Lindsay Casel, Kourtni Sanchez, Cathryn Bridges)


Above: High Point Riders (Laura Burgett, Kourtni Sanchez, Laura Siroky, Jessica Bennett, Joanna Hagen, Molly Cordero, Dave Corkery, Holly Mohr, Leslie Sommer, Linda Brown)


Above: Jan's Most Improved Rider (Dave Corkery and Jan Rock)


Above: Adult Equitation (Linda Brown and Holly Mohr)


Above: Young Horseman Award winner Holly Mohr


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